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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Activity Brief:   Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note – III Gear with innovative static display

Malls:   12 Malls in 2 Metros

Cities:   Mumbai & Kolkata

Activity Duration:   26 Days with certain gaps in-between

Weekend Format:   It was a continuous Display for 26 days with certain Gaps but captured all the weekends in the period mentioned

Size of Setup:   6ft x 6ft

TG:   18+ Youth Employed, Middle Aged Both Male & Female

Orienta Role:   Space Buying & All Necessary permissions to be done.

To create brand awareness of Newly Launched Samsung Galaxy Note III Gear and innovatively launch it.

A unique installation to depict the Samsung Galaxy Note III Gear was put in place. This gave a feel of multi-function Bluetooth enable wrist watch connectivity and other functions showcased on a huge hand installation. The campaign got the necessary eye balls and was a talking point for all those who stood captivated with it.