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Magnum Ice-cream

Reach & Duration:
20 Locations for 1 weekend

Number of Vans:   3

It was a part of the launch campaign that was done exclusively for the Chennai market. The concept of the activity was to invite potential consumers to have a taste of the Magnum Ice-cream rich in Chocolate and thus encapsulate the magical moments of the consumer’s initial interaction with the delicious ice-cream.
Therefore, around 15 to 20 prominent locations of the city were identified to be covered by the Magnum Van over the weekends. The activity got a fabulous outcome with an exposure to almost 500 to 750 consumers who tasted the ice-cream over the weekend. The entire activity was co-ordinated and executed by Orienta Cine Advertising Pvt. Ltd. that included all the production, permissions, execution, reporting, monitoring & closure of the activity.