Eco Friendly Ganesha Promotion

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Plaster of paris Ganpati idols painted with harmful colours not only damages our sea but also the marine life. We wanted to address this big problem with a small initiative. We introduced the campaign Worship Wisely, that urged users to opt for  Eco–Ganpatis this time. We took over the entire city with this message a few days before Ganpati. For the message to be hard-hitting, we explored every media mix. Right from OOH to digital, on-ground to videos – every media spoke about the message – Worship Wisely. Not just that, we also got a few Ganpatis made of mud/clay, which had plantable seeds within it. As they say, charity begins at home and so did our initiative. We distributed these eco-Ganeshas to all our employees across India.

Umbrella Distribution for the needy

Monsoons can be harsh to a few staying in Mumbai. Keeping this mind, we took an initiative of distributing over 5000 umbrellas to the needful across Mumbai. Our team of dynamic volunteers identified people from various parts of Mumbai who were in need of umbrellas. From railway stations to bus stands from underprivileged areas to auto stands, our team had only one motive while approaching them – let them also experience “Happy monsoons”. Auto drivers, bus conductors, rag pickers, street hawkers and many such people were given with umbrellas along with our love and support.

“With corporate culture, comes the corporate responsibility. We strongly believe our society is our responsibility and yes, we are always happy to serve with our full potential” – Ketan Lakhani, Director, Orienta Cine Advertising.

Eco Friendly Independence Day Celebration

Every celebration comes with some responsibility and its true colour is revealed only post the celebration. The respect you had today turns into disrespect the very next day.
We wanted every Indian to not throw, but to grow with the nation, on this 73rd Independence Day.
As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we at Orienta distributed eco-friendly flags made with seed paper and vegetable ink.

As Mr. Ketan Lakhani rightly quoted once, “Mother earth is the place to preserve our Mother nation in her heart”